The Girls' Rooms

It's on to the girls's bedrooms today! I think their rooms are some of my favourite in our house cause let's face it: girls's rooms are so much fun to decorate!

We have been in the process of renovating our home for the past 3 years, and with most of the construction work complete (save for missing trim and painting our new doors) I can finally begin to move on to decor!

I am really looking forward to adding more to the girls' rooms. I'm planning on installing a shelf with old corbels - a find from an antique store - into my youngest daughter's room, Naya.

I am looking forward to adding more to the girls rooms along with my oldest daughters magnetic chalkboard I spent many an evening painting as a Christmas present.  I will also be adding a shelf with old corbels from an antique store and unique book storage in the babies room.  Yay to tapping into my girly side again & proving children's rooms don't have to outgrow them before they turn 5:)!