The Girls' Rooms

It's on to the girls's bedrooms today! I think their rooms are some of my favourite in our house cause let's face it: girls's rooms are so much fun to decorate!

We have been in the process of renovating our home for the past 3 years, and with most of the construction work complete (save for missing trim and painting our new doors) I can finally begin to move on to decor!

I am really looking forward to adding more to the girls' rooms. I'm planning on installing a shelf with old corbels - a find from an antique store - into my youngest daughter's room, Naya.

I am looking forward to adding more to the girls rooms along with my oldest daughters magnetic chalkboard I spent many an evening painting as a Christmas present.  I will also be adding a shelf with old corbels from an antique store and unique book storage in the babies room.  Yay to tapping into my girly side again & proving children's rooms don't have to outgrow them before they turn 5:)!

Master Bathroom Renovation

The master bathroom is one of many rooms on the renovation list in our quirky yet lovely 1977 home.

It all started with the floor tile, and the fact that I always knew I wanted white cabinets.  Since this is a pretty small space I thought I might be pushing it by using such a bold patterned tile (I know my husband thought I was). I decidedly made the rest of the room serene with a classic palette of grey and white.

I was insistent on adding a profile to my shaker doors and utilizing my black metal framed mirror. I stumbled upon this mirror while out shopping one day, and although I loved the shape, it was too tall. I decided to buy it anyway, and subsequently took it to a local metal smith to cut it down so that it would fit the space. 

This room still needs a few finishing details - a shower door, some trim and the kick on the bathroom cabinets. I can't wait to see how it looks once it's fully complete!